Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dinner at Jairo's

Old school spooky elevator leads to Jairo's place.

This is Jairo, Deputy Ambassador to the UN for Costa Rica. Our first Sunday he invited us over for a good meal!

After we ate, we chatted as we relaxed on the furniture in typical Latin American style. Jonny fell asleep for a few minutes! He blames it on the jet lag-(yeah 'cause we're in a time zone a whole 2 hours away!)

That yummy cheesecake is starting to disappear!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

...the journey so far...

This is the UN, from our window! It's not in use right now, they're renovating it, so there's a temporary warehouse that they meet in just North of it.

Oh my gosh! The way the garbage works in our building is so interesting! They've got three different bins, one for paper material, one for plastic material, and that gray thing on the wall is the trash chute! It's so fun to hear our trash fall 15 floors!

Here's the inside of the trash chute-don't get too close!

...Fifteen Twenty Three...

This is our bathtub faucet. They're pre-war, neat huh?

Jessica: "This is our cute little apartment..."
Jonny: "...With our cutest little tenant!"

The only thing that is reasonably priced here is the produce. I got so excited when I finally saw something for 99 cents!

This is the Williamsburg bridge, viewed from outside our window, 15 stories up.

This is 41st street from outside our other window. The teal light at the end of the street is the New York Public Library in front of Bryant Park.

Here's a close-up of the New York Public Library.

This is also a view from the same window, the brightly lit skyscraper is the Empire State Building.

This is another view across the East River from our window. This Pepsi-Cola sign marks the former location of a Pepsi bottling plant in Queens.

This is, again, a view from our window of the United Nations Building, with the Queensboro Bridge in the background.

Our nifty little kitchen. Cooking with such limited space, and no oven presents a problem, but our solution is easy: eat out. No, we do cook'd be amazed how many things you can make with just a frying pan and a pot!

This is a view of our apartment from the front door.

Unraveling our first New York cheesecake! Mmm! Junior's is famous for their cheesecake!

Junior's has a restaurant in Grand Central, just a ten minute walk away, and my only wish is that it was further away so I could burn more calories before I get there!

This is Macy's. The biggest store in the world! It covers a whole city block! I've yet to go inside-Jonny knows how much of a sucker I am for shopping!

I'm also a sucker for chocolate! This place is just 'mounds' of fun! It's so 'bliss'ful.

This place was also 'm'azing!

46 stories up in the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. I lost my stomach going up the elevator, and my ears popped too! The elevator was so fast!

This is my bus schedule! I take the M101 to work every morning. It takes about 22 minutes, it's a limited bus, so it makes fewer stops. If I miss it-which happens quite often, I have to take the M102 or M103, which make more stops, and take longer to get there.

There it is! The M101-Dang it! I missed it again!

Here I am in Times Square. Bubba Gump's Restaurant in the background. I wanted a picture with it, 'cause it was one of the places I visited when I came to New York with my family. Good times!

Jonny and I love the Amish Market! It's a very 'green' store, full of all sorts of organic foods. Very good olive tasting station! Mmhmm!

This is in the Daily News Building, where they filmed the original Superman series on TV. And my Jonny sure does mean the world to me!

This is my Jonny with the flags. I was supposed to get a picture of him with the Chrysler building and I totally missed! No, I'm teasing, I just didn't realize that's what he wanted. Sorry my patriotic Jonny!

This is more like it! That's the Chrysler building-just a hop, skip and a jump away from our apartment! The Chrysler building is one of my very favorites at night!